Two women sitting in an casual interview setting
Two women sitting in an casual interview setting

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been leading the recruitment efforts for a Senior Product Designer at the startup I work for. I’ll skip this time the part of lecturing about how your CV and portfolio should look like (and how should not)…

For each candidate that seems relevant, I usually spend 30 minutes doing a screening call and another 45 minutes going through a portfolio review. During this time, I will learn and ask again and again about your process, design approach, and decisions you made on a given project.

And then, when it seems to come to an…

This article is part of a series of short notes around Product Design, hope you’ll find them inspiring and useful!

Today I had a conversation with a good friend of mine, who rightfully claims that many full time employees at companies are not aware of “how the company makes money” or “how do I contribute to the company’s success”. She actually came to this realization after talking to someone who had recently transitioned to the business world from an academic background. …

This article is part of a series of short notes around Product Design, hope you’ll find them inspiring and useful!


One of the many pitfalls we can find in Product Design is the challenge to solve things that are simply too complex. First, because the solution is probably too difficult (cognitive-wise) for our users to grasp, and therefore — not likely to be used. Second, because the solution is often cumbersome, difficult to explain to devs, and usually condemned to be developed wrongly, partially or just broken.

If you have an overcomplicated solution, it’s probably because you’re trying to solve…

Good old paper wireframes
Good old paper wireframes
Good old paper wireframes (Source:

This article is part of a series of short notes around Product Design, hope you’ll find them inspiring and useful!

I ’m happy to embrace the market trend on hiring Product Designers or Generalists as opposed to only-UX Designers or only-UI Designers (May we call them Purists?). I expect from a designer to have the skills and knowledge needed to perform user research, UX, and visual design. I want to think of a Product Designer as the person who can solve a design problem from start to finish.

I don’t miss the times in which I did only UX, because…

Many times I’ve been asked by friends, mentees and design students: “What should I ask on the first kickoff meeting with my client?”. In this article, I will note all the questions that have made my design projects successful over the last few years, and hopefully, it will serve you to start any new project on the right foot.

Soccer player about to kick off game
Soccer player about to kick off game

Congratulations! You just got this project, and now you are heading to your first “kickoff” meeting with the stakeholders to start working together. The goal of the meeting is to impress your client, reassure them they have made a great choice by choosing you — but mostly, getting as many detailed answers as possible so that you can get going, give the right quote and start working on the right direction.

A few notes in advance:

  • This list is long, and you may not need to ask all questions. Some are more relevant for new products made from scratch, and…

A lot of small, colorful lego pieces spread around
A lot of small, colorful lego pieces spread around
Photo by Xavi Cabrera on Unsplash

As a designer, but first as a thinking person, I question everything — especially myself, and my knowledge. Every time I feel I have some firm and confirmed knowledge about a certain domain, somehow comes a new thought or piece of information that challenges it all. I find it both frustrating and enthralling.

The term “Design System” is now more popular than ever — articles, books and experts pop up like mushrooms after rain… and yet I find myself with some very fundamental questions that are left unanswered.

#1: What is (and what is not) a design system?

Every single company I’ve heard of or met in the last 4…

When it comes to design jobs, there is this position that every company seems to be looking for — Product Designer. What used to be called UX/UI designer, is now an expanded position, in which the designer is required to be a UX generalist, and go through the whole process of business understanding, user research, ideation and graphic design. Regardless if it makes sense or not, or if you agree with this “generalist” trend — let’s face it, this is de-facto what the industry is looking for.

I got to grasp this situation a year ago, when I found myself…

I’ve been working now as a solo Product Designer for 10 months in a cybersecurity startup, and if there’s one thing I can tell you — it’s not easy.

When it comes to cybersecurity, many of the companies suffer from a low UX maturity level. This means, that the majority of the employees are developers who come from a very technical background and are great at coding — but there is a good chance none of them ever worked with a UX designer before. In my experience, most of them believe UX is basically UI, and what a UX designer…, Snapchat, Slingshot, Clear…

Somehow we got to this day, in which many of the most popular apps are interface-less apps. Where the structure of the app is not clear, navigation is not consistent, animation is everywhere (like, in every single element). Kids and teens love them. Most of these apps make a boom and then disappear, but some of them even manage to stay.

I come from a very functionality-focused school of design. All is important, but USABILITY > CLARITY > AESTHETICS.

I’ve heard too many times that the best design is invisible. However, I think that these apps…

In the last few months I find on my way a lot of jobs offers for UX and UI designers. Also, I get a lot of calls from HR recruiters — LinkedIn makes this easier than ever.

Most of them ask me about the tools that I use and know. If I don’t know Photoshop or Illustrator, I’m not even relevant. I find it very interesting, and also very sad, that I’m never asked about my design process or analytical skills — which are way more critical as a UX designer.

I am also asked about the platforms that I’ve…

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